miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Maxis Awesome Adventure

Now you can find out how I make this game in a week by downloading this pack in the Asset Store....

This is a complete game with scores, spells, armors and weapons. It is an excellent example to understand how a 2D look can be achieved using Unity.

Game can be played here:
Maxis Awesome Adventure

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  1. Can i pay you via PayPal or MoneyBookers and you send me the iOS version pack via e-mail ?
    Because i don't have a Credit Card to pay via Unity Asset Store - Many thanks in advance :)

    1. Sure, give me an email, and I can send you a request

    2. grawslave@gmail.com
      Add me to your contacts: e-mail, Facebook and Google Plus :)
      Send me a e-mail so i can add you to my contacts :D